All Tablets, Phablets and  Smartphones 

iOS, Android or Windows  ...Touch computing is the new personal computing and there are a lot of outstanding options and we created nimblstand to accommodate the widest variety of cool products.

nimblstand’s patented Gravity Nesting™ allows our design to accommodate any tablet, smartphone or ‘phablet’ device with a thickness less than 9.6 mm (0.38“). Smaller devices with a maximum width 150mm can be thicker: up to 14mm thick (0.55").

All iPads: Portrait, Landscape, SmartCover

There are currently 4 generations of iPads on the market, plus the iPad mini. They all fit in nimblstand, even with a SmartCover or a thin skin. Yes, that’s right: ALL iPads.


*Tablets thicker than 9.6mm, up to 12mm also fit, but they are placed more vertically (ie: Ipad 3 with orange skin shown below)

Multi-Angle Center Slot

We have created also a multi-angle 150mm (5.9”) wide center slot where other thicker tablets such as the Google Nexus 7 and smartphones (such as iPhones, Galaxy S/Note, etc.) all fit in nimblstand, including with most skins and protective cases (see full list in FAQ for size and Bluetooth compatibility).


Command Center

In beta testing our prototypes, we noticed a few office users re-purposed nimblstand to set up their phones and tablet in an easy to access orientation as a command center.  This is also ideal for sketching or marking up documents next to your traditional mouse and keyboard content creation in your old-school computer.

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