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nimblstand is a lightweight iPad stand & easel designed to optimize content-creation with an Apple keyboard and Wacom's Bamboo stylus

Our design goal was to create a product that respected the iPad and enhanced our ability to enjoy it as a creation tool without the frustration and limitations of typing with the on-screen keyboard or any of the dozens of cramped and unstable keyboard-case accessories.

This is why we wanted to embrace the great ‘tactile feel’ of the Apple Wireless Keyboard, which ships with iMac desktop computers, and has been rated one of the best overall keyboards.

Unlike traditional computers, the iPad also offers unique opportunities for pen-based input. There are also many choices of Stylus’ on the market, but we found through countless hours of sketching and marking-up documents that the Wacom Bamboo was the best option, so we designed our nimblstand to accommodate this stylus.

Apple Wireless Keyboard Reviews

“I use an Apple Wireless Keyboard for typing on my iPad, and I suggest you do the same.”
“A lot of people choose to pair their tablet with a protective case that rocks a built-in Bluetooth keyboard, but I don’t recommend it. The case might offer some protection for your tablet, and most come with a built-in stand to angle the iPad’s screen to a suitable viewing angle, but the keyboards that come with them almost universally suck”

“the best of the bunch, the keys are responsive, full-sized and satisfyingly clicky. The Wireless Keyboard has several advantages over the other keyboards, starting with its design: it is nearly as thin and small as Apple’s latest Mac-specific wired keyboards, with a rear tube for two AA batteries. If you’ve ever used a MacBook or iMac keyboard, you know exactly what to expect from this one. Ultimately, Apple’s Wireless Keyboard strikes us as the best overall as it does on Apple’s computers, the keyboard’s physical size, quality, and ease of use strike a balance that none of its rivals have been able to match.”

"The superb Wireless Keyboard is yet another design classic from Apple. The amount of pressure needed to press a key is a fraction of that needed by most keyboards. It’s comfortable and extremely fast to type on."

"MacBook-like keys . It’s among the smallest and lightest models on the market,  yet it doesn’t sacrifice full-size keys- it’s a great keyboard for your laptop or your lap"

"ultrathin profile, minimal footprint, simple functionality , the Apple Wireless Keyboard does the job and looks good doing it.. Affordability, clever design, and sheer good looks, we recommend the Apple Wireless Keyboard to anyone shopping for a Mac-friendly keyboard"

Wacom Bamboo Stylus Reviews

"Best hybrid stylus for writing, drawing, and navigation."

"it's the best stylus you can buy for your iPad. It's beautiful in a modern yet understated way, only taking what it needs from the conventional idea of a "pen."" 

"one of the most comfortable we've ever used"

"The stylus itself looks and feels great. It's a subtle but attractive pen-looking stylus, matte-finished black metal with silver accents, that's just the right size--not too thin, not too thick. It's also weighted properly, both in actual weight and in balance for students or visual artists, the Bamboo Stylus is pretty great"

Stylus Storage and Inkwell

Wacom’s Bamboo stylus is recognized as the premiere stylus on the market. We designed nimblstand with a stylus storage-slot to allow you to have the Wacom Bamboo secured for travel; close and easily accessible when wanted. An inkwell allows you to have it ready at your fingertips when in sketching, marking-up, or in a creative mood.

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