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Tablet Compatibility

Does the new iPad Air fit?
Yes. However not to our satisfaction. In the landscape orientation the new iPad Air's narrow border is partially obstructed. We are working on an iPad Air sustainability kit to address this issue. It will consist of 4-self adhesive pads to lift the iPad to optimal position in all orientations. These kits will be available soon on new shipments and we will reach out to existing customers to send them a kit at no charge. 

Does my tablet fit?
99% of all tablets fit including every iPad (even with smart covers, see question above regarding iPad Air).
Our patented Gravity Nesting ™ means all Tablets up to 9.6mm thick fit in all directions. In portrait and landscape.

Does nimblstand’s Gravity Nesting secure my tablet for carrying?
nimblstand is designed to be many things... lightweight, portable, versatile, ergonomic but it is not a secured locking device for your tablet. That is the beauty of the gravity nesting; your tablet is nestled securely in place for use but not locked in place. So the ease of removal means you should not carry your tablet in the stand – the keyboard and stylus are secured.

Will nimblstand scratch my iPad or tablet?
nimblstand is built with ABS plastic which is a soft, highly durable plastic material that will not scratch your iPad/smartphone screens, or the Apple Wireless Keyboard. Based on this gentle nature, nimblstand may get minor scuffs or scratches but ABS is very durable and will not break under normal wear and tear.


Will my tablet/smartphone work with the apple wireless keyboard?
Apple Wireless Keyboard uses Bluetooth technology to communicate wirelessly with your tablet or smartphone. http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1809?viewlocale=en_US&locale=en_US

When I remove my tablet from the nimblstand, how come my tablet’s on screen keyboard is not visible?
If your tablet/smartphone is within proximity of the keyboard, they are still paired. You must turn off the Apple Wireless Keyboard by pressing and holding its power switch.

How do I know the Apple Wireless Keyboard paired to my tablet/smartphone is on/off?
In nimblstand we made a power light indicator hole so you can see the lighting status of the Apple Keyboard. The power light is off by default, even when the keyboard is turned on. Tip: Tapping the Cap Locks key on the keyboard will light up its own green LED if the keyboard is on.

Wacom Bamboo Stylus

Do I need to use the Wacom Bamboo stylus with nimblstand?
A stylus is great for jotting down handwritten notes and sketches, or use it like a pointer when browsing websites. It’s a handy productivity tool that does plenty of other things. The Wacom Bamboo is consistently rated the best for its tactile feel and when you don’t want to use it, just slip it into its slot; it’ll be there when you want it next. Never lose your favorite stylus again.

How do I use the stylus storage slot? Does any other stylus fit?
The Bamboo slides into the specially designed slot and the stylus clip creates the proper friction-fit for secure storage. A few other stylii might fit but the nimblstand was designed around the precise fit of the best stylus available on the market.

Why is the angle different when I switch from keyboard to stylus mode?
We optimized the viewing and engagement angles for the most likely uses in each mode. The drawing /markup side has a lower angle for a lean-over experience, while the keyboard side replicates the most ergonomic typing angle.

Covers / Cases 

Does my iPad fit with its Smart Cover, Smart Case or other skins on?
Yes, Your iPad fits in nimblstand with its Apple Smart Cover or Smart Case, however thicker/rugged covers that make iPad + Cover thicker than 9.6mm/0.38" thick will not fit or will change the angle drastically. You can see examples of placement here: http://nimblstand.myshopify.com/pages/all-tablets-smartphones

Do you make a carry case ?
Not yet. We are exploring selling nimblcase as a ‘small batch’ hand made in USA premium product designed to precisely fit and protect the nimblstand, keyboard and your tablet to our exacting standards. It’s in prototype mode and we are searching for a USA production sewing shop.

this is soo cool, what are you guys gonna do next?
Besides exploring nimblcase (see above) we have designed task-oriented solutions that work with nimblstand addressing specific needs of industries such healthcare, education, business fleets…. Let us know what you need. We are working on creating new solutions for content creation that utilize nimblstand – tablet without compromise.

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