We designed nimblstand with a planned sustainability mindset and we based our tactical decisions of features, material choice, local manufacturing to serve this overarching goal. In summary these are the ways where we are proud of how nimblstand makes as minimal impact to our environment as possible:


nimblstand's gravity nesting™ is not specific to a single tablet/phone model and even as devices get replaced for newer ones, Apple Wireless Keyboard + nimblstand can welcome new models. With nimblstand you can use a universal Bluetooth keyboard not specific to a tablet. Since nimblstand has no electronics, moving parts, or delicate assemblies it has a very long product-life.


Our 193g plastic accessory makes it possible for many people to use a keyboard with a tablet to replace a laptop or desktop computer. Tablets not only have a smaller carbon footprint in production but they also consume a fraction of power than a traditional laptop or desktop computer an estimated $135 /year ($1.36-per-year-to-charge/)


nimblstand is ABS plastic exo-skeleton design that requires no additives or reinforced fibers. Our packaging is a minimal single sheet natural (non-bleached) cardboard box, and when we sell the optional Wacom stylus we carry in it our product, eliminating the need for separate packaging. Our setup guide is a single sheet of cardstock paper. Everything we make is 100% recyclable.


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